AUCTION: The Philatelic Collector’s Series Sale 20-21 July 2015

Bermuda Crown Circle coverTwo Bermuda lots from Spink

The sale commences with a small but important section of Crowned Circle covers, the highlight being an 1850 entire from St. Georges Bermuda to London, estimated at £5,000-£6,000.

Thus section will be followed by countries arranged A-Z with fine Bahamas, Canada with the specialised collection of 1935 Silver Jubilee with many Proofs, Cape of Good Hope, a wonderful section of China, over 150 lots with many rarities including the famous 1897 red revenue $5 on 3c. unused, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, France with the 1869 5f. fine mint, Hong Kong, India, Portuguese Macao, Rhodesia including the very rare 1898-1908 Arms £20 yellow-bistre mint corner pair, superb 1910-13 Double Heads and 1913-24 Admirals, Russia with the 1866075 Arms 1k. to 30k. in complete mint sheets of 100, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia with the 1937 Revenue 3/- to £50 Proof set, Switzerland, all world collections and various, the sale concludes with Great Britain.
Bermuda Crown Circle cover

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Date: Monday and Tuesday 20th-21st July 2015
Times: 14:00 20th July and 10:00
21st July

Location: United Kingdom
Auctioneer: Spink
Lots: 2 & 3 Bermuda Crown Circle covers

x2: 1850 (3 July) entire from St. Georges to London, rated “11” and showing a good strike of the Crowned Circle at upper right corner, partially overstruck by arrival datestamp (19.7), the reverse with despatch and arrival datestamps. Rare with only seventeen of this handstamp recorded by Forland and Freeland, and the only example recorded in this year. S.G. CC1, £8,500. Photo £5,000-6,000
Senator Henry Hicks, April 1984

x3: 1859 (8 Sept.) envelope from Ireland Isle to England, marked “Paid” and showing a fine strike of the Crowned Circle at lower left corner and an equally fine strike of the “6d” handstamp at upper right corner, the reverse with despatch c.d.s. (PM5), Ferry Hill (4.10) and Castle Eden (4.10) c.d.s.; some minor traces of foxing in places though an attractive example of this rare handstamp, and the first example recorded by Forland and Freeland showing the “6d” handstamp. S.G. CC2, £7,500. Photo £3,500-4,000
Sir Henry Tucker, Sale 2, April 1979

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