Bermuda Post No.119 Out Now!

The latest edition of the Bermuda Post has arrived in the post.

Bermuda Post No.119Issue number 119 features “The Designs of Bermuda’s 1953 Definitive Stamp Issue – Part I” by Horst Augustinovic – a wonderfully illustrated article showing the design process of Bermuda stamps through a series of watercolours. “Tall Ships to Return to Bermuda” by John L. Puzine covers the return of the tall ships to Bermuda and the philatelic possibilities offered.

Charles Freeland has his regular “Bermuda around the salerooms” article on upcoming auctions.

John Paré’s Postal History of US Forces in Bermuda, 1941-1995 continues with Part 6 focusing on machine cancels used at the post office aboard Naval Operating Base (N.O.B.) Bermuda from 1941-1947 and the transition from the omnibus “US Navy” cancels used during the war to the “10958 BR” machine cancels and handstmps after the war.

The President’s Message from John Paré covers NY 2016 and the need for copy for the Bermuda Post – have you got an article? Our Annual Auction needs Consignors and Bidders, so have look for any lots you want to sell.

Richard Watkins submits his regular Secretary’s Report and adverts from our loyal sponsors finish this issue.

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Bermuda Post No.119 Bermuda Post No.119 Bermuda Post No.119  Bermuda Post No.119 Bermuda Post No.119 Bermuda Post No.119

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