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The Bermuda Collectors Society, a not-for-profit corporation, is an organization dedicated to the study and exchange of information concerning all aspects of the philately of Bermuda.

Since being founded in 1986 when a small group of founding members pledged their knowledge and financial support, the Society has grown to a worldwide membership of over 150 (See the pie chart lower down the page).

Although many BCS members correspond directly with their fellow members, the principal link with other society members is through the issues of the Bermuda Post, the society’s quarterly journal.

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Affiliated to the American Philatelic Society #AF0186
Affiliate Since: 31st March 1989
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The Bermuda Collectors Society adhere to the American Philatelic Society’s Rules and Regulations.

BCS Officers & Appointed Officials

President: John Pare
Vice President: John Puzine
Secretary: Richard Watkins
Treasurer and Membership Director: Jeff Dow
Directors: Neil Rigby (2018), Dennis Maguire, John Pare, John Puzine (2019), David Provost (2020).
Dates in brackets refer to expiry of term.

Bermuda Post

Editor: Everett Parker

BCS Website

Webmaster: Neil Rigby

BCS Members’ countries

2015 BCS Membership Countires

bermuda  united_kingdom united_states_of_america new_zealand australia canada germanyswitzerland

If your country is not represented, be the first to add your nation’s flag here by joining the BCS!

Some unrepresented countries with links to Bermuda include South Africa (Boer War), India and many other Commonwealth countries.